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Below are just some of the comments we have received from the happy owners of contented dogs who have enjoyed holidaying with Wagging Tails!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017 - 20:37
Buddy enjoying his dog holiday in Gloucestershire with Wagging Tails

Dear Alexis,

Thanks very much for your recent letter and sweet photos of Buddy's recent weekend with Rowan.

The service from Wagging Tails has been extremely efficient, thorough, caring and friendly from start to finish.

I would definitely recommend them and look forward to using their dog boarding again.

Best wishes,

Catherine, Twying, Gloucestershire

Sunday, July 16, 2017 - 16:37
Yogi and George enjoying a holiday with their Wiltshire Dog Carers

Hi Hilary,

When we came back to pick up Yogi & George, we could see that they had been having the most amazing time with Val and her family!!  When we were away Val kept us updated with text messages about the boys which were good to hear and gave us peace of mind. We know that Val and her family looked after Yogi and George as if they were their own dogs, and it was a very hot week so we saw videos of Yogi in the paddling pool having so much fun with Belle and George choosing to sleep in the tent where it was cool!!

Knowing how well they have been treated and meeting Val and her family and Belle (their dog) before, was great reassurance that we were leaving our dogs with a very loving family. We would recommend Wagging Tails to anyone who has a dog and wants to know they are having as much fun on their holiday as you!!

Thanks ever so much Hilary.

Chris and Helene Yogi and George, Wiltshire

Saturday, July 15, 2017 - 10:01
Amy enjoying her dog holiday boarding in Buckinghamshire with Wagging Tails

Being able to place our Cocker Spaniel in someone’s home rather than a kennels felt very comfortable. We were asked the right questions before we arrived, were welcomed in when we dropped Amy off, and when we returned from the wedding we were attending it was quite clear that she had had a fabulous holiday too!

I highly recommend Wagging Tails.

Diana, Penn, Buckinghamshire.

Friday, July 14, 2017 - 14:45
Spot enjoying her Wiltshire dog holiday with Carer Jill

Dear Hilary,

Thank you for your letter. Yes I really enjoyed my time away and I know Spot had a good time too, although she will not let me out of her sight now!  

I would just like to say that I think Wagging Tails is an excellent idea, so much nicer than kennels. I will certainly consider using you again, and I know that if I do Spot will want to go back to Jill and her family who I think really spoiled her!

Kind Regards,

Anara, Wiltshire

Wednesday, July 12, 2017 - 10:07
Nelson sleeping on the sofa during his Devon Dog Holiday

Hello Gary,

just a quick message to thank you and Mike in Brixham for a fabulous service and a wonderful Carer for our dog Nelson while we were away.

When we picked Nelson up we genuinely got the impression that both Mike and Nelson had had a wonderful week. We will definitely be using you again in the future.

Thank you very much.


Jeff, Devon 

Thursday, July 6, 2017 - 17:57
Poppy enjoying her dog holiday in West Sussex with Dog Carer David

Hello Sue,

We had a lovely holiday thank you. Thank you for the pictures. David did print some for us as well. He is so thoughtful!

Poppy loves staying with David. I would not leave Poppy with anyone else to be honest. David is absolutely amazing. I don't even have to think if Poppy is well looked after. David cares for her and spoils her as much l do. She always looks relaxed and happy with him. I will definitely use David again, when we plan our future holidays.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Michaela, West Sussex

Thursday, July 6, 2017 - 12:06
Megan enjoying her holiday with Hampshire Dog Carer Wendy

Hi Caroline,

Thank you for your letter & indeed Megan had a happy time with Wendy whom made her very welcome & some lovely walks.

We certainly shall be using the service again & happy for you to post up a testimonial of our recommendation.

Again many thanks & regards

Angie and Megan, Hampshire

Wednesday, July 5, 2017 - 15:14
Ronan enjoying his dog holiday with Wagging Tails in Surrey

It was so reassuring to know that Ronan was being really well cared for while we were away.

We met Nikki beforehand and it was obvious that he was going to be fine. In fact, Nikki and her family could not have been more kind. She kept us updated with regular pictures and reports and Ronan clearly had a great time.

Thank you so much Wagging Tails - until next time.

Sarah, West Sussex